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4 Amazing Ideas to Create Home Library in Limited Space

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Library has always been my favorite part of the house. Those books holding a different world in themselves, ready to take you on different adventurous experiences. However, most avid readers struggle with finding an ideal space for their library. So, after reviewing the work on top interior design companies in the UAE and studying the latest trends, we have listed 4 ideas to create a home library. Take a read:

Entertainment area

This is one of the most common options that you can see in different homes. Of course, it looks amazing and spruces up the whole look of a living area of the entertainment section. However, you need to consider if you want to keep your library private or share it with your guests and visitors. You can keep it near the photographs, souvenirs and other valuable things in your living room. Check the portfolio of interior fit out companies in Dubai to get better ideas and analyze the final look of your library.

Home office

Do you work from home? Have you designed an impressive office in one room of your house? Then it’s time to add another element to that dream office. Yes, we are talking about the office library that adds value to the overall office culture and also gives it a smart look. Prefer opting for a shelf that ranges from floor to ceiling to get sufficient space for all your books. Worrying about the space that you will lose once you will have the shelf? Well, it can also be used to keep your office equipment and papers that are simply piling on your table otherwise.


If you are an avid reader, then you must have fallen asleep while reading quite a few times. Right? We all are aware of how we end up sleeping on the book or dropping it on the floor. So, why not have a library just beside your bed where you can keep the book right before you catch some z’s. We are talking about bedroom library which is our favourite hands down. You can also add a table and chair in the corner where you can read in the cosiness of your room and enjoy the book with a cup of joe. Also, include some shelves around the table to get enough space and create that perfect feel of the library. There are several interior design companies in the UAE which specialize in libraries. You can connect with them and have your dream space now.


Sounds weird? It’s not if you know how to use your spacious kitchen optimally and create something good out of it. A lot of interior fit out companies in Dubai are now designing kitchen libraries for the cooking enthusiasts. If you have a decent collection of cookbooks, then you might like the idea of a kitchen library. The books will be easy to reach and even give a great look to your space. However, as there will be a lot of smoke and humidity, prefer covered shelves so that your books stay clean and dirt-free.

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