5 Pitfalls to Avoid While Writing an Academic Assignment

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Even after working hard for weeks, some students fail to attain high scores in their assignments. Why? It is because they were not aware of the pitfalls that they needed to avoid. If you are also someone who prefers working on his document himself rather than availing university assignment writing services, then here are 5 mistakes that you must avoid:

Unsupported argument

When you work on an academic paper, your motive is to convince your audience with your point of view. You want them to believe in your thoughts and support your argument. But for this, you need to give relevant and sufficient evidence which can present your idea strongly. However, most students fail to provide the readers with enough evidence which make their paper weak and ineffective. This is because they either lack enough sources to collect the facts or have time constraints. In such scenarios, assignment help can come to their rescue and assist them to score the dream grades.

Writing introduction before main body paragraph

Although the introduction is the first paragraph of your assignment, it is always written in the end. Students have a misconception that it is the first thing that they have to approach and start writing it immediately. However, the right way is to first complete the whole content and then frame the introductory para. This will help you give a sneak peek into what is given in the main body paragraph and summarize the whole topic precisely in the beginning.

Using too many jargons

Of course, good vocabulary and a strong command of the English language can help you impress your subject teacher and score A grades. However, using fancy words and jargons in excess can adversely affect your grades. You have to maintain the right balance between technical or fancy terms and easy to understand phrases or words. Also, students use slang words and lengthy sentences to convey their thoughts which is completely wrong. Your points should be to the point and easy to understand. If your native language is not English and you are facing a hard time working on your paper, then seek university assignment writing services to submit your document on time.

Quoting too much

Yes, you are asked to write definitions and quotes of famous authors and writers in your assignment to support your argument. Moreover, these lines are impressive too and make your paper authentic and credible. However, quoting too much or repeating the same quotes, again and again, may go against you. To keep your audience hooked, of course, you have to use famous quotes but make sure that your content is more about your perspective and thoughts rather than what others have already said.

Ignoring proofreading

As soon as you complete your paper, you take a sigh and keep it in your bag to submit the next day. You are just relieved that you have done your work within the deadline and now you can enjoy the rest of the day. Don’t you think that you are skipping something? We are talking about proofreading, which is the last but the most important part of writing any content. So, ask your friends to review it and do it yourself too. Edit all the mistakes that you can come across and then go for the final submission. If you can’t find the right person to give you feedback, then seek assignment help from us as we have employed a separate team to review each paper that we write.

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Seeking essay writing inspiration? Look for these writers

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For buffs who know the power words inherit when they are poured out from the pen of a gifted writer, essays will always be the truest piece, writing that ever could be. Unlike novels, where a writer has to keep his spirits up throughout (which is practically impossible), or short stories, that need to have their share of suspense, thrill, or message to make it readable, an essay is direct from the heart of the writer, without suffering from a sense of obligation towards their readers. One can go through the length of Virginia Woolf’s “The Death of a Moth” to understand the point in case.

Universities and Colleges know that an essay without the promise of being published could help a reader understand that what the writer truly stands for and with. Hence the norm of writing a college application has always been that students have to go through when they are seeking to take their academic career any further. But if you have always struggled with the ways of writing an effective essay, then here are some British essayists to offer you a free essay writing help for your application essay. You can also get it in touch with any top cheap essay writing service providers through online mediums.

Stephen Harold Spender 

He earned his Bachelor’s from Oxford University. Interestingly, he took part in the Spanish Civil War. Somewhere between the 1920s and 1930s, he met some popular figures of this industry such as W.H. Auden, Christopher Isherwood, and C. Day Lewis. His initial work drew inspiration from social protests. Spender diligently offered his services for the London fire service during World War II. His journey was not an easy one. He held the post of editor at Encounter magazine for almost 13 years.

Aldous Leonard Huxley

Many argue that Huxley had it smoother than others. He was born in an affluent English household, graduated from Oxford in English Literature, had first hand experience in editing literary works like the esteemed magazine Oxford Poetry. But he was both prominent and prolific, which established him as an important figure in literature. He published more than 10 novels, wrote a number of short story collections, was known for his poetic collection, and had every other type of writing under his belt.  Vulgarity in Literature, Do What You Will, The Perennial Philosophy, etc. are some of his top essays that one could read to introduce themselves with the nuances of essay writing.

So, which writers or whose work do you follow? Tell us in the comments. In case of any queries or assistance, connect with cheap essay writing service or essay writing help providers.

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