China Sourcing-New China sourcing strategy

China Sourcing-The new China sourcing strategy

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The strategic sourcing study, entitled “Promoting Manufacturing in Africa,” showed that Ethiopia’s manufacturing sector has been growing thanks to cheap hydropower, government commitment to a China sourcing strategy of transformation from an agriculture-led economy to industrial, massive growth in infrastructure development and foreign direct investment, plus steps taken in deploying the necessary human power for the sector.We’re trying to track it down and see is if it’s really having an impact on apparel and textiles factories. China sourcing has nearly six million retailers ranging from street stands and kiosks peddling soft drinks and snacks to street corner stores selling groceries, most of which have less financial leeway and limited negotiating power, said Lin Xiaohai, China manufacturing vice-president and general manager of import from China Platform.
Behind the house, stretched flat on a low metal roof, donkey skins were drying in the sun.The single-minded focus of strategic sourcing’s platform is to make networking easier.If there is a defect, can you rely on Custom Manufacturing to fix things? If there is a late delivery or a short delivery, can you rely on China factory to address this in a way that does not require your staff travel to China sourcing?

Can sourcing strategy ensure that the fabrics and other materials are properly processed and securely stored and maintained in China in a situation where you have no direct contract with the China factory? What if the China manufacturing factory goes bankrupt: what happens to the materials then? Will import from China remain liable in that situation?Can strategic sourcing ensure all payments will be made to the factory and to the suppliers of the factory? Can Custom Manufacturing ensure that the Chinese factory and its suppliers and the suppliers to its suppliers will not steal your IP or circumvent you by going directly to your customers? If circumvention happens, will China factory aggressively take care of the issue and does it have the financial resources to cover for liability?