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3 Cornerstones for Choosing Bar Interior Design

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Bars maintain a relaxed atmosphere where people can take a stroll, do casual talks and forget about their worries. Entrants in pubs want to immerse themselves in a blissful experience. All of your customers have the same goals to enjoy their time. A soothing backdrop, high-quality beverages, pleasing music is all they need. If you haven’t given any attention to your bar interior design, you must do it now! For beginners, the design includes every small detail, from how you arrange the vodka bottles to the paint on the walls. Before hiring an interior designer, you should have a unique vision. You can’t be ‘just another bar’ across the street which sells booze. For standing out in the crowded market you must spend time in planning your design. Have no ideas? Read on to find out -

1.Your Brand Story – What is the first question that pops in your head when you hear of a new business in the neighbourhood? Who is the person behind it? Why did they start it? Why do these questions come in your mind? Because you want to know the story of its conception. Communicating what lead you to open the bar is important. It may be your passion for bar-tending, you want to experiment with drinks or zeal to become an entrepreneur. People are happy to associate with business which has some purpose. A modish design that sheds light on how your brand was founded adds good vibes to the bar. If you are selling drinks with your own label, pick colours from your labels for your design. You can spread the brand message subtly by dropping hints the interior. For example – If you wish to target only the quadragenarian then you must create seating space that brings the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s back. Glass block partitions, flowers and carpets were everywhere. You don’t have to stick with the conventional designs, rules for breaking!

2. Brand Values - What is your main focus? What kind of persona your bar has? How you want the outsiders to see your bar sets you apart from the competitors. It defines the purpose you have along with serving your customers. For coming out as a high-tech bar you might have a wifi base, with screens installed for browsing as they drink. If you are advertising comfort for you should buy cosy furniture

3. Avoid Gimmicks - Often for increasing the foot traffic, new bar owners fall for the latest interior trends which fade away in the next season. The restaurant interior designers in Delhi saw a rise in merging of restaurant styles in bars. This combination lasted for a short period. Muted shades of beige, grey, blue, and white are the best for a friendly feel.

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