Dianas Ferry Tripps from Bergen

Dianas Ferry Tripps from Bergen

From Malaysia to East Timor

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I started our blog with a set of maps.. ” No plan survives first contact with the enemy ” And yes , the man was right Anyone who makes great things for his world tour , which should be ready for that too much time and / or a lot of money invest. know, we did not fly. know, we had to do it twice it yet. soon as we were in Russia, we found that our visas had expired.

Leave the country without a plane , took us eight days fear and hope, and a few hundred euros bribe. from Malaysia to East Timor , we examined three months after ships until we gave it and flew , as we had already booked a cargo ship from Australia to New Zealand, we could not so easily rebook. same drove us in the Caribbean to hurry, as our sailing boats fell apart. , it is not impossible to circumnavigate the planet without aircraft, we can now say. however, it takes more preparation and above all, time and money to adapt to the needs , if fate a stone between the feet throws. When I’m back to the UK I will do a passenger Ferry Dover Calais trip.

However, individual places and experiences of our trip brought their eyes light up. Who draws a world tour in consideration must know that this is not possible without the other. Even an ” around the world” ticket gives no security. We met some travelers who were traveling with such a ticket.

Neither of them did not change at least once the flight route or the flight data. Likes What act from home like security , is a perhaps as a restriction appearing on the trip. Whoever travels without a booked flight tickets , times and routes can adjust according to taste. This becomes then cool when you meet people , dream of the one from place X or Y, the one hitherto not on the had screen but is to be the end. spontaneity Without this we would have neither Datong in China, seen or cremation in Bali , yet East Timor. This I also read on passenger Ferry Dover Dunkirk.

Nevertheless , yes , sometimes it was stressful , no question. If we should ever again take such a long journey in our lives, then we will certainly travel less and stay in this country for longer. Because the character of a country gets barely came up with when you have to pack every few days his pocket and the country considered mainly from the bus window. Whoever travels as we are, so is always in motion , must know that although you can see much of what is seen, but rather superficial nature.

Had we traveled 15 months in China, then perhaps we could now speak Mandarin. But we know neither the difference between yurt and ger , nor between the arepa and empanada or between Laos and Cambodia. And to satisfy the curiosity of our readers , it is always the same : same, but different.

Also a frequently asked question.. After 15 months and 23 countries with Bahn and other companies, how do you answer it ? Each country has its highlights , each month had its moments. You can compare anything about it. Nevertheless, there was a constant us despite all the differences , fascinated again and again and again delighted. I know it sounds like a tired platitude , but it is the truth. The highlight of the trip was the people.

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My first time in Qingshuihe

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There is then out wonderfully , clear view over the green plateau , the road , or rather track a straight line to infinity , the Green innumerable white dots , large flocks of sheep , and then enter the clouds , the snow- capped mountain ranges to the right of me free and I feel for the first times is really good on the Tour. Behind the next pass, then a beautiful wooded valley and a real holiday village , at least it was once , because apart from me there is no tourists , but at least four hotels. I make myself comfortable in the evening sun , enjoying my pasta and fresh bread from the Uighur bakers in the market, in a stone oven baked right here on the street. A terrific riding day was today and I love my life on the bike and the next p&o Ferries Cairnryan Larne trip.

The next morning I get the eyes no longer on a total sunburn. , The face is swollen and bright red. Only with a wet towel to get the eyes then slit width permanently on and I do not trust myself with sunglasses outside. So now I have a callus on the butt, back aches and I have a puffy face, probably I need ma end of the tour. About 50 km the road is a disaster , then a line , and the tarmac me back and so then I blow also equal to 130 km , and again on the next day to Jining. It is initially through the grass land, and later there will almost back to the desert , but there is at least one supply structure , barbecue stands in the cities and large barrels with refreshing kvass on the roadside, at least from time to time and look at Stenaline Ferry Dublin Holyhead .

In Qingshuihe I make a detour zuir Kazakh border , here we are in Athens to China next year coming curl up and now my clearing work begins on the grand tour. While I drove the southern route to the Altai, we make next year the northern route and also here waiting again a construction site in the mountains. But the road is still good to drive and above is the Sailimu Lake, a blue steel plate in green grass landscape , surrounded by snow-capped mountains. On the shores of Lake grazing horses and yurts are round and white everywhere scattered.

White Feather clouds in the sky move quickly here and a slight breeze moves. In one of the restaurant- yurts I ordere a large portion of plov for me and go for a walk , a proper area for a holiday and there are no tourists here. Only on the road and a bus stop from a charge and discharge people with cameras for a short while. On the other shore is barren , there is still a place on the lake, but that is just like the tit hotel from the 70′s not very inviting , so I ‘m going on, but behind the small pass then begins the highway. I also look at my Stenaline Ferry Cairnryan Belfast pictures.

Just off the highway , there is a beautiful modern building, it is the management of the national parkes and I am invited to stay in the guest room, why not. In the evening , people come back from the outpost , it is cooked , we play badminton in the yard and in the club room I lose against all present in table tennis. The next day I had already finished, but not yet opened the way before me , 60 kilometers of newly built road , my lane , it’s 1500 meters down and I have lashed tailwind , the darkest sunglasses it is now , at high speed down , after only little more than an hour , the toll reaches of the valley , which. departure for by a very different landscape

This is hardly anything green, anywhere dry steppe and the only inhabitants are a few camels as stupid gape at me as I her. Thus, the country remains almost to Urumqi , three days it goes down the Interstate , there is not an alternative to it. The landscape is according to Geo flat and only flashed the right ice-covered summit of this spur – Tien Shan sometimes left is a barren dry steppe. Sometimes in a Channel shoot icy water flooding under the motorway and lead to an oasis or in a small place.

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Travel to Martinique

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As I sank back on the bench, I had lost not only the price but also the ” Tika Roa.” But I thought it was not necessary to awaken Larston , the ship brought back on track and trösete myself with the thought in mind that here too many boats on the way were not and I would find the catamaran with Torsten from Birmingham soon. and so it was. from a trough of low I saw a faint mast light in the darkness and held it to. indeed, it was the ” Tika Roa ”.

By now it was impossible to hold only under sail the course, which is why we started the engine. A wise decision it was for a sailing amateurs like me much easier to get back to basics , if you do not also had to keep an eye on the wind. The essence of this case was to come at the right angle in the huge waves to keep the boat from capsizing. Nevertheless, it tended to side several times questionable and the moored cargo on deck threatened to dissolve.

Several torrential downpours soaked me to the bone in seconds. Both Larston and I had to move three times during the night. And so it went on until dawn. We decided to drive both tired and completely finished with the nerves , with the help of the motor directly to Grenada because the coastline was visible on the horizon like on timetable Ferry Rosslare Cherbourg.

So when we twitch motor yacht sparkled the last few miles to Grenada, He was warning calls over the radio that this was a sailing boat and no , studiously ignoring. We no longer wanted. We could not. We reached the bay of St. George in the afternoon , while the ” Tika Roa ” attempted to cross the horizon against the wind still. Without much success , as it looked. Soon as we walked into the bay , His warnings came true , and the motor gave a last gasp his spirit. we had to anchor at sea and in that moment broke Larston into tears. fatigue , decreasing tension, the fact that we had the engine put an early end and a bit of anger to Torsten , the we had both sent in weather at sea , rail broke at this moment.

I managed to calm my skipper and something we were waiting for the arrival of another boat that we still saw swim lengths through the binoculars on the horizon. It was already dark again as voice came over the radio, who apparently had good again under control. I gave through our coordinates , and with the help of light signals after a while they found us at our anchor in front of the harbor.

The reunion was joyful but short, as our captains already fell into the bunks, as we were preparing dinner. Jochen and I then recapitulated the previous night : It took 30 hours for just 90 nautical miles were in Grenada instead of Union Iceland , our fishing boats which looked like timetable Ferry Liverpool Belfast we would probably miss , but we did not care because we were on the last leg of a unique experience granted. Only one of us could make his sea legs to the test and any thought of everything that could go wrong , we repressed because we had done it.

Best atmosphere we were on our way back to our stay where we wanted to toast with a cold beer on the success stories of the day. It seemed to work perfectly: it was Monday and we would therefore still have the opportunity to see something of Trinidad before we were to set sail on Friday. Saturday or Sunday, we were switched in Carriacou and have had a few days in Martinique.

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With the Ferry in Bolivia

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We pay a ticket in Bolivar and only the second by credit card. It so happens that our families have to forgo gifts, because we still have just enough money to get us to buy cigarettes and rum to get food , if we ever wanted to eat again , and take a taxi to the port.

When we arrive there and take on the top deck of the ferry small place, we give both of us sigh. While no one dares utter that this must be so now was the last marathon. Firstly, it is still not around and secondly we thought after the last trip that now no long odysseys would come. So we keep covered in the background and enjoy the sun, the wooded hills, and the Caribbean Sea before us like on my cheap Ferry Pembroke Rosslare trip.

The ferry takes off , we turn from the harbor entrance out into the open sea. And with a clap and a kick stand go boxes next to me , and so loud booming reggae sounds that I almost jumped in fright of board. When my heart beats again , the upper deck has been filled , people are dancing , the circling and the captain heats up the crowd with snappy slogans to. We watch with open mouths and have to laugh. That none of us expected.

So we drive over the Caribbean Sea , while behind us the sun goes down to us the dolphins jump out of the water and we get a first impression of what awaits us in Trinidad and the Caribbean. Liming ! Relaxed talking for the sake of talking , celebrating, left out , and be merry , dance, laugh , sing. This is even after a long ride. So we make. When we arrive in the evening in Trinidad, we have enough tips to explore the island for weeks , confirming that the out looking for us accommodation is exceptionally low , various warnings of the dangers in the capital Port of Spain and finally a taxi extra waiting for us until after three hours, the very strict immigration control is done.

And since I like to play with fire, I dare. For now, nothing can actually happen , right? That was probably really is our very last bus , car. Because of Trinidad from going according to Internet regularly and quickly ferries to other Caribbean islands , including Martinique, from where our container freighter goes home to Europe. No sooner have I spoken , I hear our driver with the head shake. ” This is not like that. There were times years ago a ferry like cheap Ferry Liverpool Dublin. The drove exactly once and then was reinstated.

The Black Stallion Winery, a former stud farm, which is located in Napa Valley at Silverado Trail, offers equal to a whole potpourri. Horse-drawn carriage rides, poker and pool tables at an outdoor kitchen next to the pool show cooking is offered. The promise is as simple as clearly: Visitors will have as much fun. And who actually come for the wine, the taste of two water fountains on the terrace. Meanwhile, Napa Valley is considered the most popular tourist attraction after Disneyland California.

California winemakers are inventive when it comes to attracting customers: 50 minutes from San Francisco in the Livermore Valley, the family has integrated a full-blown golf course in their hilly vineyards. He is considered one of the most beautiful and challenging in Northern California, has designed it, the Australian professional golfer. Anyone who wants can play golf at the winery and then celebrate wedding.

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With my friends in Hanoi

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We should open a nightclub in Hanoi , one that might as well be in New York, London , Warsaw or Berlin. Exterior and interior concrete everything , especially the bar and the bar stools. Otherwise, little seating , for a hall-like dance floor , of course, with a stage for live performances. In this garage we will show the children of the new rich , as that life works , they seek so desperately , as they cruise on their scooters aimlessly through the city , dressed like little fashion dolls from the Otto catalog , because the postmodern grunge not there yet was to explain to them that the Schick of 21 Century is broken in jeans that cost three times as much as timetable Ferry Dublin Liverpool.

So far, no offers trendy pub , no cool bar that capitalist homeless people a home. But we will have a name which instigates the necessary underground identity , ”Bunker” , ”tunnel” or ”underground”. We will provide thick-necked bouncers at the entrance, the Twentieth reject any because they do not like the outfit on timetable Ferry Harwich Hook of Holland.

At the bar, casual black and Latino bored beauties will work and pay any attempt by Dong, turn up their noses , as if they had never seen such bills. The gin and tonic will cost $ 12 and the beer 6 We will teach the young Hanoiern that their parents might go to bed at ten , but they have to begin at this time only with the make-up, because of the ” bunker ”, ” tunnel ” or ” Underground” opens not before 23h. We will teach them that it is high time to catch up with Shanghai, Tokyo and Bangkog by bringing us the coal to their enterprising fathers. In five years we will sell the droning store for $ 40 million. While the youth of Hanoi nightly dances the soul from the body , we will retire to the country, raise chickens and pigs and grow their own rice.

Not Hong Kong, but Hong Song: A small town , two hours outside of Hanoi scooter. We are invited on a small farm surrounded by walls : outside rice, bananas inside , plus 2 times pork, 1 times buffalo chicken 10 times and 5 times dog. The latter form a happy clique that dances around us laughing and wagging his tail on arrival , we celebrate with an extensive welcome pat on the head and ears Crawl : Yes, hello, you are indeed times a fun crowd , a lot more alert and more responsive than the local average dog and looked at timetable Ferry Holyhead Dublin.

Thit Cho for Sale: Since I know what it means dog meat in Vietnamese , I also know where you can buy it : namely, anywhere , anyway, if you leave the boundaries of the immediate center of Ha Noi ( whether in the old town , the dog food is prohibited , ? to the tourists not to scare or you found a code word : Braised pork) ?. In Gruda does not bother me , why should it be any worse , a dog or a horse than to eat a chicken or a pig ?

More importantly , I have always found the question of how to control their animals before they kills : The tortured animal stuff from German animal factories from Hamburg have 20 years ago made me a vegetarian. Since the Vietnamese chicken I prefer the scratch on every corner in the dirt : In poor countries, the lack of fertilizer automatically provides organic vegetables and the absence of industrialized fattening houses for happy chickens pigs cows.

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Cruise into Venice

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The stages are between 5o km and 130 km , with an average of nearly 80 kilometers per cycling day. The profile goes from flat to heavy Dutch Mountain in Dalat it goes up to 2000 meters up.

Technically, the climate is very favorable season. It is the dry season and it is the coolest time of the year. At night , temperatures can drop to the north refreshing 12 to 15 degrees , the daily average is 19 degrees in late January. To the south it will be much warmer , this is where the night temperatures in late February already at 24 degrees and daytime temperatures around 30 degrees. So all in all ideal cycling weather and hopefully not too much rain, while in the north it has 12 rainy days in February , it will dry in the south with only 5 days of rain. In 2011 we had at the beginning of a gray rainy day and another strong storm cast on the last night in Saigon. For equipment that is almost always short pants, but for the evening but then it takes a thin fleece and of course the rain is always divide the luggage. I also look at Stenaline Ferry Belfast Liverpool.

As on all my private tours there is no support vehicle , but after the experience of recent years , the luggage can be a maximum of 12 to 15 kg and thus reduce a thin sleeping bag has two rear panniers and since then at it with.

The accommodation ranges from standard hotel with air conditioning, bathroom and shower to simple hostel in small towns. Here no European brands are probably in some places reached , mosquitoes and other insects belong to the night guests, but are selling well to the chemo club , andes most places there is then also mosquito nets. Single and double rooms , there will be up to one or two exceptions. This was also advertised on Stenaline Ferry Belfast Cairnryan.

Venice, city of canals, dreams, lagoons and poet. The Italian Venice and lying therein waterways form a coherent symphony, accompanied by the sounds of Mediterranean musicians, giving the venerable Liedesgut for the best while you glide along one of the many canals in a Godel. ”Venezia” and ”aqua” water – that just fits together. How close it is not because a Mediterranean cruise to Venice, followed by To make change from salt to fresh water?

If you would like to book a Mediterranean cruise, there are many possibilities. Cruises Costa Cruises, MSC Cruises, MSC Poesia will be presented on this page. Mediterranean cruises make it a popular destination – because the destination is not that far away. But back to the dream destination of Venice. Added to get there, you can for example choose a Mediterranean cruise. Arrived on a cruise ship in the Venice receives a seaport ”Ponta della Libertà” with its open arms of the sea. Also a DFDS Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam trip might be good.

Historical sites of the city of Venice awaits you. Starting with the Grand Canal, the main waterway of Venice, Piazza San Marco, St. Mark’s Basilica, the Biblioteca Marciana, or the former royal gardens await your visit. Venice to tour worthwhile. The prince of poets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had already recognized when he came to Italy in the fall of 1786. Impressed by the beauty of Venice, along with the Venetian buildings and the Mediterranean flair he was inspired to further literary masterpieces. Maybe you also dive and follow the footsteps of Goethe in Venice.

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