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Tips to Pick the Right Wedding Planner

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Wedding is an important part of one’s life. Everyone dreams of a fairy-tale wedding. However, the cost it takes is not managed by all. One of the foremost wedding tasks is hiring a wedding planner who would take care of miscellaneous things from catering to decor. Having said that, it is not easy to lay your hands on the right planner. Considering this plight, we have compiled a list of tips that will help you in connecting with the ideal wedding planners:

Do online research: Today the internet offers every information that you require. Type on search engines like Google ‘best wedding planners in India’. By doing that, a list of top planners will appear on your mobile or laptop screen. Now, this is the toughest part. Everyone site shall claim itself to be the best. Here you have to use your prudence to find out the top wedding planner in India. Go to every site, and have a close look at its work. There is section ‘as seen in’ that reveals the newspapers and magazines in which the service providers work have been published. Also, check their social media handles to get a sneak peek into their latest projects.

Generate Leads from your Acquaintances: If you have a network, then why not make use of it? You will be surprised how many leads can be generated through your circle and family. Also, here’s a recommendation that does not go with all of them. Take your time, analyze the leads, and go with the one that suits your requirements and budgets. You can also take to the social media platforms for a call out. Put a Facebook post such as ‘looking for suggestions’. Social media is a great place to connect. Moreover, if you are working on a tight budget, then look for local wedding planners as would be less costly.

Go through the Contract: This is a vital step that most clients miss out to save time. However, it is imperative to read each page of the agreement as you must be clear with the terms, conditions as well as the services offered. Suppose you hire a wedding planner in India, then know how would he tackle some important things such as sudden power cut, weather change, and many more. Thus, before signing the contract, read it bit by bit.

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