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let me try to be the one to decorate your wedding

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In other countries, I am clueless on what season or months that has a lot of weddings. One thing I’m sure of that in the Millybridal UK, brides and grooms tie their knot during the month of June. Weddings are one of the most important day of a person’s life, aside from birthdays,


Christening and a lot more. Wedding also has been open for homosexual communities in other countries. Hey! I don’t do discrimination here I am totally open with my thoughts, I always believe on ”Fairness”
When it comes to wedding there are a lot of things to consider, the colors, flowers, cakes, theme and even the location itself. It’s so hassle right? That’s why Wedding and Event coordinator exist to help us to keep calm and be marry, one of my friends back in the Millybridal UK is going to have her own wedding next year and I throw myself to her why not let me try to be the one to decorate your wedding.


Aha! I’m confident and I have a lot of ideas in my head, why not share it? One of the wedding that is really inspiring and romantic to do is a ”Beach wedding”. Wedding by the beach has a lot of themes to do, and you can even make your own decorations. And if you are asking how to find a perfect wedding dress in a beach set-up? No worries because I discover that Millybridal UK has a great and fabulous wedding dresses for the Beach set-up and also for Destination Wedding Dresses. They have a lot of choices of Beach Wedding Dresses that will totally makes you in love with the dress. I’ve been hook up with the few Theme inspiration by the beach, and I can totally say that it’s beyond imagination. Below are my 3 favorite Wedding Themes in a Beach location.

A few days ago a web page that deals with this type of dresses

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A few days ago a web page that deals with this type of dresses for special events contacted me to collaborate with them and I had to accept because it was great for the occasion.

Maybe this is the last time they should become them and put frilly dresses on. Watching the program, I do not see the recipe for the perfect dress when I go over the Internet.


My Wedding Dress is ready and waiting for me

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Hello My Dearest Pearl! Aww! It’s almost there! Just a little, just a moment and My Wedding Day will come. My fairy tale will finally come true and I would be the happiest girl in the world. So I was thinking about putting the posts about my preparation for the wedding and because I am gettig closer to my Wedding day I am gonna make some Wedding posts. My Wedding Dress is ready and waiting for me. It has been made my Renowned Polish Artists Stylists but I still haven’t tell you how She looks like. Well, I decide to just little bit unveil the mystery! And Millybridal UK brand & shop will help me to do that. Please have a look at gorgeous dresses.





I had to tell them about Millybridal UK wedding dresses

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The other day in conversation with some friends we ended up talking about weddings and bridal gowns.
As she is getting married and the other is going to be a maid of honor, I had to tell them about Millybridal UK an online website that I recently met and I love, where we find dresses for all tastes.

Of course as soon as I told them about the store, they rushed to the site and started to do their research.

After all, what do you choose for the big day?

My friend who is getting married was surrendered to a model Mermaid Wedding Dresses, already the bridesmaid (who still has not given up hope of getting married one day), she was overwhelmed by a model Lace Wedding Dresses.


After making this selection to show you, I realized that one of the most important steps of a woman’s marriage and life is undoubtedly the ritual of choosing, experimenting and buying the wedding dress. So choose well! Personally I really liked the store because in addition to models for all tastes, also has models for all types of bodies at very interesting prices and perfect for almost all wallets.
Wedding day has to be a special day and all women want to be dressed up! This is your day, be what you want to be, wear what you always wanted to wear!

Millybridal UK basically comes from a comparison of the founder

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I want to talk to you about a company that has made its way over the years ””. Real wedding professionals and events. Millybridal UK basically comes from a comparison of the founder, Mr. Feng, with his friends who complained about wedding dresses with exaggerated prices. Thus was born the idea of ​​being able to have all women have their dream dresses, Millybridal UK has quickly gained popularity.

The company, as I told you before, does not only deal with wedding dresses, but also for events such as surprising dance dresses. The long dress that flies to the wind, absolutely Chic just like the famous Marylin Monroe dress that we have always wanted. Do you want something much longer? On the other hand is the trend of the year! Well .. Millybridal UK is just for you presenting an entire collection that can make you choose the look that’s right for you.

Millybridal UK will be able to surprise you and those around you. He will succeed in making you unique, just like princesses. You will find breathtaking clothes, with special details .. I personally fell in love with all their proposals, I assure you that it is really difficult to choose only one, especially looking at their prices. They are elegant, glamor, chic .. able to respect the tastes of every woman.

Do not you have any immediate marriage or event? It matters little .. Buy women !! It will always be useful, maybe even to sneak in just for the pleasure of showing off your new dress!

Now let’s see some proposals together.


the wedding dresses other related products as well

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Dear friends and visitors, hope you are doing well and thanks for visiting my blog. I would like to let you know few some online shopping experience which can help you to learn something new and possibly some outstanding benefit as well.

As you know there are many online shopping websites around and some of them old and some of them new, whatsoever, whether they are old or new one but we need to practically check, buy and do some experiment with the online shopping to come to a conclusion whether who offers the best for their customer and how they will help in this online shopping process. Also, all online shopping portal won’t have entire desired items, so, we have to visit different online shopping websites for different ranges of products.

So, I am one of them who would like to most of the do online shopping to save money, energy and time as I am most of the time with busy schedule and have no time to go for offline shopping etc. It becomes habit for me to just search online, just click on the mouse at desired dress or new link and proceed to check the suitable selling items.

Thus, this time I got a new shopping website on search called Millybridal UK and if you just visit that website and check few webpages then would like to know more detail about it and who knows your desired (wishlist) items might be there as well. Yes, it happened to me when I was looking various websites for Wedding Dresses or Dresses for some Upcoming Events etc.

I was just searching Wedding Dresses at Millybridal website and reached to Wedding Dresses London where I got to see different varieties of beautiful dresses to choose as per my choice. You can click on ”Wedding Collection” section and follow the various links at bottom viz. Mermaid Wedding Dresses or Plus size wedding dresses or ”New Arrivals” etc.


I have nothing to appreciate about those products which you might feel like I am promoting them or their products, so, it is better for you to visit, check all of them and come to a conclusion about my words then decide to shop online accordingly.

The next one is, this site is built, looks very simple and friendly, once you browse all the products from various section, just proceed to Sign Up, browse the products, select the product, proceed to check out as usual and follow the payment procedure accordingly. That’s it, this website is completely secured one and have no issue against any sort of security or privacy violation.

You can trust them well and enjoy the bunch of shopping with as many as products, offers and discounts.
They are not only selling the wedding dresses other related products as well, so, try to visit every section in that website and choose the products as per your choice.

You can read my second online shopping from Millybridal website too and compare with this product or others as well. I suggest you to visit different sections including wedding dresses sale section.

You can check this product by clicking the link given and hope you will like it. Your comments are most welcome on this post and shopping from Millybridal website, and we will help you for any query or feedback. Have a nice shopping and great day.

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there are great for those who have wedding dresses

Av , , Bli först att kommentera 0 is a company that specializes in gowns for wedding and events located in China. Mr. Feng Yu, is the founder of the company, Certified public accountant in the United States, lived in the United States and Canada for several years, and after returning has created the millybridal, in 2003.

Today I will indicate to you wedding dresses according to the tendency of 2018 wedding dress.

The classic models are always trends. Princess cut and Mermaid Court continue to be the most sought after and in 2017 the forecast and continue being the most commonly used templates in weddings

Dresses that shape the body like a second skin and voluminous skirt.

A classic of last season keep in high in 2017. Neckline in the back with thin layers of lace, tulle or formed by the very fabric of the dress. The same goes for cleavage of front, which are great for those who have smaller breasts.

It Was All About the Adventure for These Two Travellers

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A stunning, European setting with bright pops of colour to add some romance completed Dominic and Tanja’s day. We loved the historic architecture and the rolling hills – the perfect accompaniment to their adventurous souls.

Dom and I met at work – he was a consultant in Cape Town and I was in the marketing department in the Johannesburg office. It all started when he asked for my help to make a presentation “pretty”. Passionate conversations about travel, food and music over MSN messenger connected us. Our long-distance relationship stretched over three and a half years with thousands of emails.

In 2011 I backpacked across South East Asia for six months while Dom travelled across Northern India on a motorbike. We joined our journeys by reuniting in Paris and trekked across France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal for a few months on a shoestring budget (a true test for a couple!). After this adventure, I transferred to Cape Town and moved in with Dom. We also continued our love affair with travel by ticking Sri Lanka and the West Coast of the USA off our bucket list.

It was in San Francisco after a day of wandering the streets of Haight-Ashbury, the birthplace of the hippie culture in the sixties, that Dom proposed to me in our little bohemian, rented apartment. This was followed by a beach sunset and a simple pizza-and-beer dinner at a local gem. Dom doesn’t do over-the-top or cliche, so the low-key proposal was true to his relaxed style and it ended up being an incredibly special day in one of the world’s most beautiful, vibrant cities.

I used to be in eventing so everyone expected me to organise a big, showstopper wedding. Every time I thought about it and the more Dom and I spoke about it, we realised that small and intimate was what we both wanted. Narrowing a considerable guest list down to 30 people was one of the most difficult things we had to do. In hindsight, being honest with ourselves and what we wanted was completely worth it. It resulted in a relaxed, authentic and truly intimate occasion.

My father is Austrian and he used to spend his childhood summers on the family farm in the alps of South Tyrol (Alto Adige). This tradition continued with many of my holidays being spent in the same gorgeous area. When Dom asked for my dad’s blessing, my father shared my dream of getting married in one of the rustic castles of this area. A few months before our nuptials, we spent our Christmas break in South Tyrol and the romance of the blended Italian and Austrian cultures, architecture and food sealed the deal. Dom is an ardent climber so being surrounded by mountains also made him very happy!

Our family and friends are scattered around the globe so it was the first time many of them met, travelling from Los Angeles, Washington, Kuala Lumpur, Vienna, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth to this remote castle on top of a mountain in the Dolomites of Italy.

The Elements

Due to the breathtaking alpine scenery and the rustic castle location, we kept the decor quite simple. We wanted a timeless, classic look for everything so that we could look back on our wedding and it wouldn’t feel dated. Neutral shades complimented the natural, lush green surroundings. The backdrop allowed us to play with elements like the flowers – a variety of white blooms white with a lot of greenery. Dom wore a classic navy suit while I chose a flowing, Grecian gown. The only other pops of colour were the red roses in my hair and bouquet, as well as the berry shade of lipstick I wore to create a bit of drama.




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Erin and Vasanth’s November wedding was a lovely blend of tradition (including the groom’s Indian heritage in the ceremony) and understated modern decor! During the ceremony, they exchanged Varmala, a pair of floral garlands that they placed around each other’s necks. It symbolizes happiness, enthusiasm, aspiration, zeal and beauty, all held together by a thread to secure them. As they placed them on one another, the couple repeated, “Just as this thread never leaves the company of these flowers, I too will always be with you.” Erin is very close with her family, and she wanted to be married at her childhood home in Phoenix, a beautiful estate in the heart of the city. Hundreds of peach garden roses seemed to float in mid-air as they hung from strands in every tree on the property. Each dark wooden table boasted colorful peach and orange blooms in clear glass vessels, and guests feasted on different meal options from four stations, later dancing the night away to a live band. Dan & Erin PhotoCinema captured their fabulous wedding celebration!



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Feast your eyes on this series of incredible images by Alberta-based shooter, Chloe Buie. Romantically and beautifully captured, here’s what Chloe had to say about organizing this shoot: I held my first ever Workshop in the beautiful town of Drumheller at the beginning of Summer and it was a dream come true! Along with teaching photographers how I run my business, how to target certain clients and what my workflow consists of, I wanted to treat them to a fully styled bridal session in the desert with some of Alberta’s top vendors. I’m drawn to bright pastels complete with lace and floral crowns, so I wanted to do something completely different really bringing the desert-like feel to life. As soon as my stylist and I found ourselves in conversation, the ideas and color palettes began buzzing! I wanted to inspire other photographers to think outside the box and have them know that you can literally do anything, anywhere!


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