Den långa resan.

Tema fredag: Skördetid.


 Kantarellerna ligger och puttrar i smöret.

Fler bilder med skördetidstema finns hos Sinneskatten.

Ha en fin fredag <3

14 kommentarer

  1. Judy from Canada

    They look delicious just fried in butter. A couple of years ago friends brought me an ice cream pail full of chanterelles. Since my husband doesn’t care for them I dried most of them in my dehydrater. The big mistake was that I cut them too small and they resembled the size of the tiny mushrooms we have in canned soup. Enjoy your weekend Marja!!

  2. Marja Granqvist (inläggsförfattare)

    I fry them in butter and then add a littre cream and eat them on toasted bread. If you dry them the best way to cut them is in long slices. I hope your weekend will be enjoyable, too! :)


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