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I am an English golf instructor and have been living in Umeå for three years now but for the moment I will write this blogg in English. I will attempt to write some instruction articles in Swedish as I improve but I apologise in advance if you can’t understand them. haha

I have been around professional golf since a small boy and grew up watching the best golfers play and practice. My first coach was a European Tour player who won a number of events. In recent years I have worked with many top rated coaches from around the world in search of improvement and a greater understanding of the game.

In 2013 I was awarded Advanced P.G.A Professional status and have been a qualified P.G.A professional for ten years. I have coached players of every standard and while based in London carried out over ten thousand lessons in a four year period. In recent years I have taught top amateurs and professionals from all over the world. This includes players that have competed on the European Tour, European Challenge Tour, Euro Pro Tour, Nordea Tour, K.L.P.G.A - Korean Ladies Professional Tour and Collegiate players from Sweden and England.

Popularity for golf seems to be growing in Umeå and it is my aim to help golfers in the area improve and to encourage practice all year round. Every week I will post new articles that cover every aspect of the game, from technique, short game and the mental game to golf fitness and how to practice indoors.

I want to see happy faces and good golf shots on the course in Umeå this year, fingers crossed!

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