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5 Brain Exercises that Will Sharpen Your Memory

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Did you study an entire chapter the other day? However, you are finding it hard to recall it? It is a familiar scenario in a student’s life. One thoroughly studies each course material, and one day before the performance time, he starts forgetting everything. Does this happen with you too? Well, here we have compiled a list of brain exercises that will help you in memorizing information effortlessly:

Ditch the Routine and Find a New Way to Home: Have you ever tried to take a different route to your home? If yes, then you might know how all your senses are all of a sudden more activated. Taking the usual roads make the mind dull as it already recognizes the patterns and paths. Today while heading home, try a different route and notice how alert your mind tends to become.

Play Sports: I participated in a sports tournament conducted during the release week of Agra University Result 2019. In that 3-day series, I realized how sports has a deep impact on not only the physical but also the mental health of an individual. It enhances your concentration power and memory. Moreover, meditation can soothe your wandering mind and bring peace to your life. It shall also alleviate mental stress and give you a new perspective on life.

Eat a meal using Chopsticks: You must be thinking, ‘WHAT?’ If you are already an expert with chopsticks, then this trick isn’t for you. Using chopsticks put your brain on an alert mode, you are more mindful, careful about whatever you are eating. It will help your brain to pay heed to little details. Try this, it is a great mental work-out.

Build your unique acronyms: Do you know how I secured a decent percent in the Kota University Result 2019? Thanks to the acronyms I made up at the last moment. It is a smart way to grab difficult phrases or theories. Simply club together with the first letters of a particular principle/ advantage/ anything and come up with an acronym that is easy to remember. So you can easily recall all the points related to a specific sub-topic. Further, this exercise will ensure that you don’t forget anything. However, you have to be clear with the acronyms or otherwise, they would be of no benefit.

Visualize Things: Every time I reach the grocery store, I try hard to recall what Mom had asked me to buy. I am always given clear instructions to note the shopping items down but I am lazy enough to do that. Happens with you too? Next time, your mother asks you to get eggs, bread and vegetables, imagine yourself balancing on your body. The trick is too simple. Like, visualize yourself carrying the vegetables in one hand and balancing other items in another. Seems like a cool idea?

Hope you found this blog informative. Some students have applied these and witnessed a rise in their Kota University Result 2019 and Agra University Result 2019 respectively.

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