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sometimes the simplest things are the most thoughtful & memorable. 
if you are looking to do something sweet & simple for valentine’s, surprise your loved one by brewing a cup of tea filled with love or gift your friends & family with a bag filled with these individual heart shaped tea bags.

string, needle, scissors, construction paper (to create heart stencil & tea tags), tea bags, tea leaves, tablespoon, coffee bag (optional – good way to preserve tea) 

heart tea bag
1.cut construction paper in the shape of a heart so that it’s big enough to fit a teaspoon of tea leaves. 
2. put the heart over the tea bag & sew around it. make sure each stitch is close together so there is no room for the tea leaves to fall out. 
3. leave about an inch opening to fill the heart with 1 tablespoon of tea leaves
4. make a funnel with a piece of paper and insert it into the opening.
5. scoop a teaspoon of your favorite tea. i chose lucipia’s champagne rose 
(seemed perfect for the occasion)
6. fill the heart through the funnel with the tea leaves 
7. evenly distribute the tea leaves inside the heart
8. take the funnel out & make sure all the tea leaves are inside the heart
9. complete stitching the heart 
10. after the heart is completely stitched, tie a knot and cut the remainder of the string

tea tag
1. cut out a tea tag in any shape you like. for valentine’s, i made a heart shape, but you can get creative if you like 🙂   
2. take a needle with thread (8 inches if single strand; 16 inches if double strand) & put it through the tea tag. 
3. grab the heart sewn tea bag and put the needle through the crevice of the heart
4. pull the string through the tea bag to the desired length
5. tie a double knot and cut the remaining string 
last but not least cut around the heart 
(make sure to not cut too close to the stitch)
there you have it! 
a heart shaped tea bag <3


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