Naturbilder .. 10: onde januari















Med många mål i sikte……kommer man nog åtminstone till Slikte.

Grattis till dig som fyller år idag! från Irene

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  1. Judy

    Lovely scenery pictures! We enjoyed the winter ones that you also posted yesterday. It’s nice to have four seasons which bring so much joy. Have a good evening!

    • Irene Grundström (inläggsförfattare)

      Hi Judy! Yes I like the winter and the colors with white snow and blue sky. Tomorrow we have to start the day with snow shoveling from the roofs. We got a lot af snow this weekend. I did not recived what you sent before Christmas yet so I have to call for them tomorrow. Have a nice day in Colinton! By the way did you get the letter I sent before Christmas?

      • Judy

        Hi Irene! We still have very little snow for now. Sad to hear the surprise has not found it’s way to your place. Hopefully this week it should arrive. Have not received your letter yet? A friend in the next province sent a Christmas card at the beginning of December and it finally got here last week. Things are very slow with the mail. Will let you know when it makes it’s appearance. Take Care shoveling and have a good day!!

        • Irene Grundström (inläggsförfattare)

          Hi Judy! I have recived a notice today about the package. It is in Sorsele now and will arrive here tomorrow or next day. It will be fun! Take care and have a nice day!

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