Powerful lasers at NFL games are ’weapons’

As the NFL investigates complaints from the Buffalo Bills that quarterback Kyle Orton and holder Colton Schmidt had been subjected
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While the guidelines for a standard laser that might be used in a classroom is between 2-5 milliwatts, pointers more than 500 Wholesale Jerseys online times more powerful can be easily purchased online from overseas retailers, for less than $50. Such high-powered instruments were originally designed for industrial use, such as by surveyors or in the construction of multi-storied structures. Some have a range of up to two miles.

”We need to be clear about this, ” Robert Josephberg told USA TODAY Sports in a telephone interview from his office in Yonkers, NY. ”These things are weapons; powerful weapons that can cause very severe damage and blindness. They are much more powerful than anyone appreciates. ”.

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