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Fredags Special#3 – Gammal skåpmat

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I och med att denna vecka är tillägnad Black Metal så passar jag på att gräva fram en intervju med ett av mina absoluta favoritband från Finland inom genren, nämligen THYRANE (R.I.P). Detta band är enligt mig väldigt förbisett och underskattat så jag passar därför på att bjuda på en spelare med en låt från samtliga av bandets skivor fram tills bandet lades ner 2005 efter släppet av "Travesty of Heavenly Essence".
Nu träffade jag iof sig på bandets kärna i form av gitarristen/sångaren/trummisen Blastmor på Jalo Metalli två somrar sen och det lät på honom som att det inte var helt omöjligt att något nytt ev. skulle dyka upp i framtiden, fast detta har jag hört förrut från bland annat Blackheim när det kommer till Diabolical Masquerade, detta var då typ 5-6 år sedan. På tal om det, Marcus E. Norman, hur går det med nya Ancient Wisdom plattan? klar snart?…..Riiiiiimaaaaab!!


Som vanligt så är intervjun nedan oredigerad från dess originalskick då den första gången publicerades 2001, stavfelen m.m får ni på köpet helt enkelt.


Back in 1997 Finnish Thyrane released a debut demo "Black Harmony" consisting of 35 minutes of pure high-quality Black Metal unlike nothing I had ever heard from Finland. Now after 2 released Full-length albums + a re-issue of their debut demo, it´s time to see where the band stands now. Read what guitarist AVATHER has to say about both this and that.

[ Interview conducted by: Kuntz June2001]


Greetings Avather & Thyrane, I want to start out by saying that your last contribution to the world of Metal "The Spirit Of Rebellion" totally blew me away. I´ll start off with a basic question: Tell us a bit of the history of Thyrane, current Line-up etc.??

Ave. Well, it didn´t totally blew you away ´cos we met some time ago…and you were there with your whole presence. Ok, but just a bit.
Thyrane was formed in 94-95. First release was "Black Harmony" demotape in ´97. Then record deal with Woodcut Records and they re-released Black Harmony as a MCD in ´98 and in ´99, first full-length album "Symphonies of Infernality". Then there was record deal made with Spikefarm and they released our  2nd album "The Spirit of Rebellion" in December 2000.
Current line-up is Blastmor: Drums, vocals, guitars. Avather: guitar. Daemon: bass. Hannamari: keyboards. At gigs we have session drummer Toni ´cos Blastmor can´t play guitar and drums at the same time…

Your Demo "Black Harmony" that lead to a record-deal with Woodcut records is one of the best demos I have heard (and believe me I have heard many), it also has a amazing running-time of 35 min. I guess this demo got some great response within the Underground movement when it was unleashed upon the world. You have any numbers on how many copies this demo was spread in??

Yes, it did gain quite good response back then. Too bad that we didn´t spread it that much, I mean that we actually didn´t send it to any record label and only to very few zine.Wise men… We did only spread around some flyers and sold it in some zines, so it´s not strange that we sold it only 250-300 copies. These are also few of the reasons why Woodcut re-released it.

I also have to ask about the band name THYRANE, It often makes me think of MARDUK´s-"Deme Quaden Thyrane" track from their "OPUS NOCTURNE" album. Is there any connection????

The connection is there, that´s where the name was taken from.

If I were to tell you to name 3 great finnish acts/bands to our readers (besides THYRANE that is). What bands would you recommend people to check out??


You played live at Nosturi (Helsinki) a couple of month ago along with Norwegian BORKNAGAR & MALIGNANT ETERNAL, how was the response ??? . Any special countries/festivals you would like to play in/at ?? And what is the best live-show you have done according to you so far ???

That gig was quite good experience for us and response was pretty good as well I think, though there was few blunders during some songs, mostly because before that gig, we had rehearsed only once these new songs with our session drummer so there was some forgetfulness in the air…I don´t believe that there´s a country that we would play rather than in some other country. As long as there´s totally crazy and numerous audience, it doesn´t matter where you play.
I would love to play as many countries/festivals as possible. So far best gig must have been in Kuopio´s Valhalla or in Tampere´s Rusty Angel. Good crowd and intense feeling in both places. Those places are both quite small so I think that the best feeling, at least for me comes when you are face to face with your audience, sometimes the distance being only half meter…

Since I personally know that you and at least Blastmor as well are damn wicked beer-drinkers, any special beer that you preffer or is it like "beer as beer"??? Also Whiskey is considered as a Metal "drink" & Kir (well at least it was during the early 90´s and forward by most of the Swedish Metallers). What is your opinion towards Whiskey & other kind of alcoholic beverages besides beer??

Well, if I was in situation when it´s some specific beer or no beer at all, then I don´t care, then it´s beer as beer. But if I have a chance to choose then I´ll take Karhu or Lapin Kulta. I like whiskey very much but as it´s quite expensive and I´m one poor motherfucker, I rarely buy whiskey. About that Kir, I think I don´t even know what it is. All in all I can say that I´ll swallow almost anything. Only exception is maybe white wine which I don´t like, that much…

Considering the future of THYRANE, can you tell if the music is developing in any special direction, maybe into more technical or perhaps back to the more primitive?? You can notice that more and more bands from our neighbour country NORWAY, uses more industrial and even Techno/Rave sounding tunes/beats.(This according to me being a disadvantage for many of the bands that choose to experiment a bit too much.) Is this something that you can speculate in now or is it something that the future will tell???

Hard to say at this point as we´ve just started to think the next album, only few riffs has been made etc. I really can´t say that much yet. All I can say that we are not going to do "The Spirit of Rebellion" again. Though I believe that the new album doesn´t differ THAT much from it´s predecessor. Yes, only future will bring us the answer…

Well, I wanna thank you for this interview and let the last words be yours….

Thank You. Not much last words. If you want to taste some rebellion against the holy and mediocrity, pick up "The Spirit Of Rebellion".