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Fredags Special – Gammal skåpmat

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I dessa hektiska dagar fyllda av engelsk grammatik, fonetik, textanalys, översättningar m.m så kan jag inte annat än att få lite dåligt samvete över att jag inte riktigt finner den tid jag vill lägga på att uppdatera Blashyrkhbloggen kontinuerligt. Jag fick dock en fix idé om att jag kanske kan återvinna lite gammal skåpmat och använda detta som någon slags "Fredags Special" åtminstone ett par veckor framöver. Det är nämligen så att  jag mellan åren 2001-2003 drev ett "Webzine"  (MetalNorth) och tillsammans men en hel bunt skribenter av olika nationalitet/härkomst faktiskt fick till en helt ok nätblaska. Det blev kanske inte så många intervjuer gjorda men ett par styckna och det var därifån jag tänkte plocka lite, skall även kolla med en viss Mr. Johansson om jag får publicera ett par av hans artiklar osv. 

Denna fredag tänkte  jag dock bjuda er på en kort intervju med legendariske DAN LILKER gjord någon gång under Juli 2001, så om viss info känns inaktuell så är det just för att den är det.


Now here is a man that doesn´t need any longer introduction.
Dan Lilker, The man with the band(s). Anthrax, Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault, SOD and more….
And that is a hell of a impressing resumé…So we decided to put the man in question against the wall & ask him some questions about his Rock´n Roll lifestyle….

[Questions by Ancalagon & Kuntz / July 2001.]

Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, Brutal Truth, SOD, Hemlock, Exit-13, The Ravenous, that´s a hell of lot of a bandlist (And probably still some missing, please do fill in). Seems like you have been busy with bands most of the time, ever had a peaceful moment?
You have listed most of the bands I’ve played in except a few projects like Malformed Earthborn, Last Satanic Dance and Extra Hot Sauce. Well, ever since Brutal Truth bit the dust almost 3 years ago, I have not toured so much. But that’s good ’cos I am married now. So, there is time for relaxing with the woman, and of course posting on message boards!!

Any future plans for a Nuclear Assault or Brutal Truth reunion?
There has been talk about doing an N.A. show or 2, but this has not happened yet. Besides that, no, there will be no more activity with these bands.

How is it like being a metal legend?
I’m not the kind of guy to think about it all the time, I know I’ve done a lot
of cool shit but I don’t get ego’d out.
I appreciate the fact that there are a lot of metal freaks out there who have supported my various endeavors, without them, I would not be a "legend"
in the first place!

How do you keep that fucking great hairdo in style?
I use the blood of angels for shampoo.

Have you had a lot of groupies, during your "rock ´n roll" lifestyle??
Before I was married I had some fun here and there… but that was not the reason I started playing music, unlike a lot of people, apparently.
I play metal to keep me sane!

What are your future metal plans or releases?
The Ravenous will record this September for a release next year, SOD will write and record another album (the last one!) next year, and Hemlock is about to record 4 new songs for Steve O’Malley.

What was your most memorable experience playing live? Meaning, any crazy shit like naked chicks dyking out on stage, etc.?
Brutal Truth once had S&M girls onstage in Houston whipping us. That was cool.

What kind of equipment do you use?
Jackson JJ bass, Gallien-Krueger heads, Ampeg SVT cabinets, Sans Amp disortion pedal.

Well don’t want to bore you any longer. Any last words or advise for those striving to become inductees into the metal hall of fame?
Thanx to all metal freaks for keeping the faith. Advice? Uh, smoke pot and don’t get caught wanking.

10 Dagar 10 Videos #3

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Video #3
S.O.D. – "March of the S.O.D./Sergeant D"  Live at Budokan Video (1992)

Motivering: S.O.D.’s "Live at Budokan" är ett fint moment från tidigt ’90-tal. En fantastisk uppvisning av energi, ihärdigt moshande, headbangande och att inte förglömma som videon ovan visar; "The Mother of All Stagedives". En Billy Milano på 120-130 pannor(?) som stagedivar från ca.3 meters höjd rakt ner i publiken (02:30).