Listen to the wind

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Trevlig helg alla vänner och Tack för att ni läser min blogg 

detta är kvällens nyskrivna dikt:

To travel with the rainbow~~

And reach for the stars~~

To wish for a miracle~~

And heal all the scars~~

To fly like an angel~~

And feel free like a bird~~

To listen to the wind~~

Where the truth will be heard~~

DickScott 28/9 2018


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Cherish this day

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Every star
Are meant
To shine on your path
Every tear
Will be wiped away
Your wings are unfolding
Your power are unbroken
Stay in this moment
Cherish this day

DickScott 21/9 2018



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Sacred Heart

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Here you can read my poem Sacred Heart from my latest English book Universal Love:

Don’t try to prove anything

Be proud of who you are

There is a holy place inside


With a sacred heart



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