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Only Love

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Only love~~

Can make us immune~~

Against the distractions~~

In a fear based society~~



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In Spirit We Are One

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Do you know that i love you

Do you know how much i care
Did you forget it
When your heart was filled 
With pain and despair
Do you know how close i am
Do you hear my gently voice
Does it matter to you now
When your feeling lonely and scared 
Without a choise
Please never doubt it
Im always here for you
Please always know it
Because my heart
Will forever
Belong to you
And my wings
Will always
Carry you through
Even the darkest night
Wont scare you anymore
Even the hardest fight
Wont break your rising force
In spirit we are one
One mind 
One heart
One soul

       DickScott© 2014



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Varje snöflinga gnistrar i vitaste ljus
Varje öga tindrar förväntansfullt
En stjärna lyser i varje hus
Tomten smyger i nattens mörker
Varje ängel är klädd i vitaste skrud
Varje själ väntar hoppfullt
Sanningen viskas i vindens sus
Juldagens gryning är här
Dick Scott