Dagens Robert Nyberg

…apropå vilka det nu är som ligger och tar upp plats och dör i Covid -19 på våra sjukhus….

Kan vara en teckning av text

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    • Magnus Johansson (inläggsförfattare)

      Hello Judy!
      Read in the media that you have the same problem as us down people who do not get vaccinated. But then they die like flies right now.
      Take care!

      • Judy

        Hi Magnus! We sure do have a lot of people who do not want to get vaccinated. Some relatives included.They should think of other people and not be so selfish. We don’t know where they get their research but if they listened to the qualified people in health care that have the answers it would make us all happy. Hope your family is well. Take Care!

        • Magnus Johansson (inläggsförfattare)

          Hey Judy!
          You are absolutely right!
          I have started moose hunting so now there is a lot to do.
          Take care of yourself!

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